Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cynthia Leal Massey Update

Cynthia Leal Massey, Editor-At-Large of Scene in SA Monthly, and the first Honorary Chairperson for the Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers of San Antonio, sends us highlight's from July's issue:

COVER STORY: Is UT Holding Our History Hostage? By Cynthia Leal Massey
Where do the Bexar Archives belong, at UT, where they have resided for 107 years, or in San Antonio, where they originated?


The Cemetery That Isn’t, by Cynthia Leal Massey
On a windswept hill sits an old mansion with a graveyard that isn’t, graves that aren’t and tombstones that don’t belong, and it’s in — where else? — Helotes.

Whatever Happened to Jury Trials? by Thomas J. Smith
A profound change is taking place in the way we resolve legal disputes in this country… and Texas is leading the way.

Legendary Spa Rises Like a Phoenix, by Julia Hayden
Burned to the ground myriad times, reincarnated and rebuilt, the former Hot Wells Spa and Resort is awaiting yet another reincarnation.

A Rock & Roll Photographer Exposed, by Jennifer Litz
Tom Wright’s photos of The Who and other rock stars fill the pages of Roadwork, Rock & Roll Turned Inside Out, offering an interesting glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of sixties and seventies rock & roll celebrities in their heyday.

Rainwater Harvesting, the “Feel Good” Method of Saving Water, by Randy Lankford
At first glance, rainwater harvesting seems like a simple, cheap solution to San Antonio’s chronic droughts… but a closer look changes that perception.

Scene Inc.: Focus on the Business of Medicine, by Jennifer Chiesa
A look at a new type of doctor service, and at several companies working to prevent complications associated with diabetes.

PLUS: Booker’s Brier Patch
Charles Booker weighs in on the Paris Hilton jail fiasco, “Last month’s orgy of Hiltonia caused daily waves of nausea to wash back and forth across the country.” How he relates this rich kid’s predicament to the Democrats’ “nefarious tax scheme” is a lesson in analysis and wordsmithing.

Scene in SA Monthly, San Antonio’s premier city magazine since 1999, can be purchased as most HEB food stores, Borders Books and Music, Walgreens and other local retail stores.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

July's Guest Speaker

Author Nanette Campos, contributor to the recently released book “Fifteen Candles,” will be the featured speaker at the monthly meeting of the Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers of San Antonio, July 9 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting will be at the Barnes and Noble (San Pedro Crossing) located at 321 NW Loop 410. Free. New members are invited to attend. For more information, call Vincent Bosquez at (210) 845-4582.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Email from Regina Chavez y Sanchez

I would like to share with you the email I received from Regina:

Hola queridos amigos,

I have just returned from a week at home in San Anto. My family and I drove from Denver to honor my husband's memory. We drove in three cars!!!! My Mom, Myrna Chavez, my brothers, Tony and Hondo, sister Kata, my daughter Amanda, her fiance, Britton and our children, Anissa, Joseph, James and Jacob. It felt like the old days when we worked in the fields! When we stopped to eat lunch by the side of a field at least three pickup trucks drove by slowly, checking us out. Britt joked that he was our "insurance", our token Gringo!

We drove through Kansas, Oklahoma and finally our first stop in Arlington, TX. My comadre, Martha Rodriguez, her wonderful husband, Robert Cruise and my hijada, Elizabeth, invited us ALL into their beautiful home. The power of the COMADRE lives!!!!!!!! We then proceeded on to San Anto after getting stuck in Austin traffic for two hours! My primo hermano, Christopher "Crazy Legs" Fonseca ( joined us in San Anto along with my nieces, Amy and Jessica.

Bihl Haus Arts ( the

“Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Memorial Poetry Bash!”

on Friday, June 15th. The event, which will become an annual celebration of the expansive poetic legacy of Trinidad Sanchez, Jr.. The evening, began with a blessing by Ramon Vasquez y Sanchez, former director of Centro Cultural Aztlan. Contributing poets included Jesse Cardona, Darrell Pittman, Kenneth Trevino (who is working on the production of a play entitled "Jalapeno Blues" named after Trino's last book), Ramon Vasquez, Trey Moore, Xavier Garza, Frank "Pancho" Mendoza, Carl Lahser, Josie Mixon, Juan Manuel Perez (who wrote a chapbook called "Under the Influence of Trino"), Laura Robles, Roberto Garcia, Janie Alonzo, Andrea Greimel, Eduardo Garza and Maura Perez. At the end of the evening other poets joined. The poems focused on fathers in honor of Father’s Day due to Trino’s commitment to fathers and their children. Trinidad was a resident at the Primrose Senior Apartments where Bihl Haus Arts is located and was their first volunteer. We created an event that truly honored his memory and his tireless efforts to promote creative expression. The diversity of our group illustrated Trino's power to organize everyone to share the word.

We were blessed by the generosity and love of our friends, David Attaway and Donna Jarma who shared their home with us; Andrea Greimel and Adan Hernandez who had a picnic/pool party at their home; Kellen McIntyre and Eric Lane who made us the best-ever homemade pasta. We were able to visit with many friends and compadres during our stay.

I had a visit with UTSA staff to discuss Trino's archives and a book which will coming out later this year. Gracias to my dear friend, Jacque Kosek who took my Mom shopping during the meeting. My Mom is gradually getting her strength back and we were grateful she was able to join us, thanks for all of your prayers.

Finallly we headed back to Colorado through Roswell and Alburquerque, where we visited our relatives, Celso, Renee, Benetta and their children, C.J., Mireya, Eusebio, my new godson, Robert, RaeAnn and Brianna. We went to give thanks at the Santuario at Chimayo and drove home through Taos, Cimarron, Angel Fire, Eagle Nest, NM and of course, TRINIDAD, CO!!!!

The trip was wonderful and a sacred journey.

The next "Trino" event will be in San Francisco, where the chorale group, Chanticleer (
will perform, "Jalapeno Blues" written by composer, Gabriella Frank, ( ).

I am still working on the foundation and a newsletter......

If I forgot to mention anybody, my apologies. As I explanined at the reading, I have been in a self-imposed isolation. I miss Trino and am still working on this grief process. I just do the things I HAVE to do.

In peace and justice,

Con carino,

Regina Chávez y Sánchez
827 Park Avenue West #203
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 954-0954

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday's Book Review

I received a phone call from my brother this morning commenting on my book review in today's San Antonio Express-News. He feels I used too many "big words" and may have written it too difficult for a lot of people to understand.

Please take a moment to read it by following the link
and let me know your opinion.

While we're on the subject of today's Book Section in the Express-News, I read with interest an entry in the Bookmarks section of a meeting Tuesday evening at the Maverick Library about a Veterans Writing Group. I'm unsure if it's referring to military veterans, or veteran writers (what makes you a veteran writer--age, length of time spent writing, or number of article written/published?). I tried calling the number, but didn't get a response. When I do, I let you know what I find out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Demolition of Westside Historic Landmark

The following news release is from Rose Orosco –Hayward:

Demolition of Westside Historic Landmark;
Links to Jessie Trevino & Juan Ramos

On the corner of Guadalupe and Calaveras sits a very dilapidated building that dates back to the early 1920s. On Monday, June 18th, it was condemned by the City and will be demolished possibly as early as today, June 20th.

In 2004, the building was declared as having historic significance by the San Antonio Historic Department because according to officials “it was a good example of a 20th century gas and service station and also served as a visible reminder of the cultural heritage of the community.”

In 1976, Jessie Treviño painted, Guadalupe Y Calaveras, depicting a moment in the life of this gas station before its decline. When told Tuesday that the old vacant gas station was condemned by the City and could possibly be demolished Wednesday, Mr. Trevino reacted with lamentation and reflected on his painting, stating that “it is one of my strongest and best paintings.” Mr. Trevino drove to the site and took some photos of the old gas station. He plans on reproducing some additional prints of the painting as very few are in circulation.

In 1995, the Inner City Mural Project (now San Anto Cultural Arts) a nonprofit organization, painted a 22 x 9 foot mural on the exterior cinder block wall of the building. It is titled Familia Y Cultura Es Vida. According to the Executive Director of San Anto Cultural Arts, Manuel D. Castillo, “This mural was the second mural we painted and is the best example of direct documentation, through muralism, of barrio culture as it existed at that particular place and time.” The internationally recognized artist, Juan Miguel Ramos, was the lead artist. Both San Anto Cultural Arts and Juan Miguel Ramos have pledged their support to preserve the mural or re-paint it.

The building has been vacant since 2003 when the San Antonio Code Compliance Department first attempted to condemn and demolish it. Since then, the building has further deteriorated. After the building was on the market for over one year and no one bought it, a neighborhood resident decided to attempt to preserve it with the support of the San Antonio Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Program, Council Member, Patti Radle, District 5, Historic Division and many others. The City secured a Brownfields Grant and completed environmental assessments which concluded this past Monday that the underground gas tanks must be excavated. Since the feeble structure has further deteriorated and will not survive the required excavation, the structure must be demolished.

Redevelopment plans include creating a facsimile of the old structure to be used as a convenience drive-through and offices. The plan also includes creating businesses tailored to the needs of the community where new memories may be created for residents of the Westside and beyond.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

From fellow Society Presenter, Marian Haddad, MFA:

Dear friends,
Please join me, if you can, in welcoming two strong poetic voices this coming Monday evening, at BARNES AND NOBLE 410 - SAN PEDRO CROSSING
Monday, June 25th, 2007
7:00 p.m.

Jessica Cuello
author of a chapbook entitled "Strange Names in a Mother's Hand."

Martha K. Grant
author of a chapbook entitled "What Waits for Us."

Both chapbooks are in the process of being sent out to chapbook contests while each of these very strong poets are working on their first full-length collection of poems.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Miami Chapter Update

Here is a report from our Miami Chapter:

VIERNES, JUNIO 8, 2007/ Friday, June 8, 2007
RESUMEN PARA TODOS/ Summary to all
De Xiomara Pages

La tertulia dirigida por Xiomara Pages, escritora/periodista/motivadora, y Ruben Soto, escritor y director del Latin Writers’ Group, y autor del libro infantil bilingue, “la Princesa Maria” hubo de celebrarse en casa de Xiomara, este viernes pasado, 8 de junio.
The Tertulia directed by Xiomara Pages, writer/journalist/motivational speaker, and Ruben Soto, writer, and director of Latin Writers’ Group and author of the children’s bilingual book, “Princess Maria”, took place at the home of Xiomara, this past Friday, June 8th.

A pesar de las fuertes lluvias, nos reunimos mas de 20 personas, (de origen cubano, peruano, puertorriqueno, uruguayo, y argentino), y no solo escuchamos poemas, declamaciones, lecturas de parrafos de algun libro, y anecdotas de los presentes, sino que tambien pudimos disfrutar de Pintura y escuchar lindas canciones.
In spite of the rain, we gathered 20 people (from Cuban, Peruvian, Puertorican, Uruguayan, and Argentinian origins), and not only did we listen to poems, readings of excerpts from books, and anecdotes, but we enjoyed Paintings and listened to beautiful songs, as well.

Ruben Soto, hablo de su reciente viaje a San Antonio, Texas, donde se reunio con su antiguo grupo de escritores, y nos exhorto a asistir al proximo seminario que Xiomara Pages impartira para escritores y para aquellos que tengan inquietudes de escribir, el proximo sabado, 23 de Junio, en su hogar. Xiomara dio lectura a un poema, enviado por email desde Colombia, del poeta Hector Corredor Cuervo, titulado: “Himno Hispanoamericano.”
Ruben Soto, told us about his recent trip to San Antonio, Texas, where he joined his old group of writers, and he invited us to assist to the next workshop for writers and writers to be, that Xiomara will offer on Saturday, June 23, at her home. Xiomara read a poem sent via email, from Colombian poet: Hector Corredor Cuervo, ...”Hispanic-american Hymn.”

Contamos con la presencia de Gabriela (Gabi) Orejas, Nora Marti, y Susana Morris, que aunque no trajeron ningun poema a leer, nos regalaron sus sonrisas y sus aplausos, y nos dieron algunas sugerencias para futuras tertulias. Angela Lopez nos declamo exitosamente su poema dedicado a la obra de Cirilo Villaverde: Cecilia Valdes. Oswaldo Lugo (Tito) nos leyo algo muy comico, que nos hizo reir a todos, mientras que Mario Salgado, nos leyo algunos poemas de su tio anciano de 83 anos: Rafael Salgado, que tienen mucha filosofia y sabiduria para todos, como por ejemplo,
“ El Cristo de afuera. “ Cástulo Gregorisch, nos leyo algunos de sus poemas dedicados a Cuba, y vino acompanado de su amable esposa Sonia.
Gabriela (Gabi) Orejas, Nora Marti, and Susana Morris, did not present any work, but gave us their smiles, applauses and suggestions for next tertulias. Angela Lopez recited her poem dedicated to Cecilia Valdes, from the book of Cirilo Villaverde. Oswlado Lugo (Tito) read a very funny article that made us laugh a good while. Mario Salgado, read poems from an old uncle of 83, Rafael Salgado, with philosophical connotations and wisdom, like “The Christ outside”. Castulo Gregorisch, read some of his poems dedicated to Cuba, and was accompanied by his kind wife Sonia.

Clara Fontanilles nos compartio una triste “carta al esposo que se marcho”.....como expresada por una mujer divorciada. Luego Irene Fernandez y Magaly Fernandez, nos leyeron fragmentos del ultimo libro de Paulo Coehlo.
Clara Fontanilles, shared a “letter to the husband who left us” expressing the pain of a divorced woman. Irene Fernandez and Magaly Fernandez, read excerpts from a book of Paulo Coehlo.

El gran poeta cubano Luis Casas, nos ofrecio una brillante y conmovedora declamacion de su lindo poema, “El Faro”. El poeta peruano Frank Otero Luque y su esposa Roxana, tuvieron que irse de emergencia, al recibir una llamada, pero antes pudieron compartirnos el gusto de estar presentes, y nos hablaron del Instituto de Cultura Peruana en Miami, y de la gran obra de su director Ricardo Calderon. Raul Garcia-Huerta y su esposa Carmen, nos compartieron mucho de su trayectoria como esposos, como artistas, y Raul nos presento una de sus lindas pinturas hechas en Espana durante su residencia en ese pais por 18 anos: “ La Ventana”, que todos tuvimos oportunidad de interpretar, y nos quedamos impresionados con las explicaciones de Raul.
The great Cuban poet Luis Casas, recited his beautiful poem, “The Lighthouse”. The Peruvian poet, Frank Otero Luque and his wife Roxana, had to leave early due to an urgent phone call, but shared with us their delight to be here and expressed nice comments about Ricardo Calderon director of the Peruvian Cultural Institute. Raul Garcia-Huerta and wife Carmen, shared with us anecdotes of their married life, their work as artists, and Raul exhibited one of his beautiful paintings, made during his 18 year residency in Spain, “The Window”, and we all had the opportunity to express our own interpreation of the painting, and were delighted to hear Raul’s explanations.

Alain De Leon, un cubano MATANCERO, de pura zepa, nos hablo de su amor por la poesia y nos interpreto unos lindos versos a unos “ojos secretos.” Luego para cerrar con broche de oro, Nelson Jimenez, un joven trovador cubano, nos ofrecio algunas canciones de su autoria, acompanado de su guitarra.
Alain De Leon, a Cuban, pure from Matanzas, talked about his love for poetry and read one of his poems to “secret eyes.” Later, Nelson Jimenez, a young Cuban ‘trovador’, offered several songs of his own creation, accompanied by his guitar.

Tambien Xiomara nos leyo uno de sus poemas, y nos hablo y repartio informacion sobre varios grupos de arte y cultura en Miami, como The Cove/Rincon, Club Cultural de Miami Atenea, Arte Insomne, Instituto de Cultura Peruana, y nos hablo de otros muchos eventos como los del Centro Cultural Espanol y algunos otros. Xiomara tambien nos repartio revistas del Cove/Rincon, planillas del Atenea, y la publicacion Linden Magazine editada por nuestra querida amiga Belkis Cuza Male, desde Texas, donde ella reside. Belkis es columnista del Miami Herald, y directora, ademas de pintora, de La Casa Azul Cubana. Algunos periodicos, Art Deco Tropical, se repartieron.
Xiomara read one of her poems, and explained about the different cultural groups in Miami dedicated to Art and Literature, e.g., The Cove/Rincon, Atenea, Arte Insomne, Institute of Peruvian Culture, and of the many events, like the ones offered by the Spanish Cultural Center. Xiomara distributed magazines and pamphlets from the different organizations (The Cove/Rincon, and membership cards from Atenea), and also the Linden Magazine, published in Texas, by Belkis Cuza Male, columnist of the Miami Herald. She lives in Texas, and besides being a painter, is the director of La Casa Azul Cubana. Several Art Deco Tropical Newspapers were given to some.

Finalizamos esta linda tertulia cantando todos juntos con Nelson en su guitarra, canciones conocidas, al compas de maracas (Clara Fontanilles), de Tumbadoras (Castulo), y sobresalian entre otras voces las de Mario Salgado, Xiomara, y Clarita. Mas tarde, compartimos de los platillos sabrosos y vinos, que todos trajimos. La proxima tertulia sera anunciada, en una fecha de Septiembre, ya que estas no son en un dia fijo ni todos los meses.
La idea es la de engrandecer a nuestra comunidad con arte y cultura, y unirnos todos en hermandad.
We ended this beautiful tertulia, singing known songs, together with Nelson and his guitar, with maracas (Clara Fontanilles), Tumbadoras (Castulo), y we could hear among other voices, the ones from Mario Salgado, Xiomara and Clarita. Later, we all shared the good food and wine we all brought to the gathering.
Next Tertulia will be in September, it will be announced, since they are not on an specific date nor every month.
The idea is to enhance our community with the arts and culture, and be united in friendship.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tino's Memorial Birthday Poetry Bash!

Just wanted to remind everyone that Bihl Haus Arts will present the “Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Memorial Birthday Poetry Bash!” on tomorrow, June 15th. The event, which may become an annual celebration of the expansive poetic legacy of Trinidad Sanchez, Jr., was organized by his wife, Regina Chavez y Sanchez, and long-time family friend, poet, and teacher Andrea Greimel. Greimel will M.C. the evening, which opens at 6 pm with a blessing by native drummers led by Isaac Cardenas. Contributing poets include Jesse Cardenas, P.C. McKinnon, Frank "Pancho" Medina, Antoinette Franklin, and many more. Poems about fathers will be featured in honor of Father’s Day (June 17th) and Trino’s commitment to fathers and their children. Bihl Haus Arts is located at 2803 Fredericksburg Rd.

Monday, June 11, 2007


A couple of interesting items came across my desk this morning!

First, from, Elaine Ayala writes in her "Latino Life" blog "Underground Books" about Ruta Maya Coffee & Ale House unveiling a new venture at the coffeehouse this Friday! It's called Underground Books: Empowering Our Community One Book at a Time. To find out more, please visit her blog!

Next, out of the San Antonio Business Journal, "Author of Legal Thrillers to Speak at State Bar Convention." Best-selling author John Grisham will be the featured speaker at the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting being held June 21-22 at the San Antonio Convention Center.

Don't forget tonight's meeting at Barnes and Noble, San Pedro Crossing, at 7:30 p.m. Everyone reading this blog is invited to attend--best of all, it's FREE!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Monday's Meeting

Authors Candy Calvert, Judith Rochelle,Beckie Ugolini and Linda Carroll-Bradd will lead a panel discussion on traditional and electronic publishing at the monthly meeting of the Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers of San Antonio, Monday, June 11. The meeting will be at the Barnes and Noble (San Pedro Crossing) located at 321 NW Loop 410. Free. New members are invited to attend.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ruben in S.A.

Monday night a dozen members of the Society got together at Mamacitas to welcome our founding President, Ruben Soto, who is in San Antonio on a short vacation from Miami. Everyone had a wonderful time catching up with Ruben who left the area in April 2006. I want to thank everyone who joined us--we all had a great time sharing stories and tall tales, along with bringing each other up-to-date on current writing projects.

Pictured above in the collage of photos is Lupe, Martha, Ruben, Becky and me!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sam Witt at The Twig Book Shop

From Lynne at the Twig Book Shop:

Thought perhaps you would like to know about an upcoming poetry reading at the Twig.

It will be this Wed., June 6th, 5-7 p.m.

See the link below
for a short bio of Sam Witt and information regarding his books, EVERLASTING QUAIL and Sunflower Brother.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Book Reviews Update

Thank you to everyone who has sent me positive notes on the book review I wrote that appears in today's San Antonio Express-News. In case you haven't seen it, please click on the following link: The Power of Business en Espanol.

Currently finalizing "Sofi Mendoza's Guide to Getting Lost in Mexico" and have started reading "Fifteen Candles: 15 tales of Taffeta, Hairspray, Drunk Uncles, and other Quinceanera Stories" edited by Adriana Lopez.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bihl Haus Arts Update

Dr. Kellen Kee McIntyre sends the following message:

Dear Friends of Bihl Haus Arts:

Bihl Haus Arts is pleased to present the exhibition “Return of Quetzalcoatl,” which opens with a reception on Friday, June 8, 5:30-8:30 pm, and continues through July 14. Artists Xavier Garza and Luis Valderas reinterpret the iconic Pre-Columbian deity in a modern-day setting by retelling the story of Quetzalcoatl-the man and the myth. His return is one of many in the Chicano ancestral time continuum. The morning and evening star, cosmic creative forces in the universe, come back to set in motion un Nuevo Sol, a new son. Garza’s Quetzalcoatl, one of 10 individual pieces by him in the show, is grounded in his familiar Super Luchas masked wrestler figures Dressed in a tight, white spacesuit, Quetzalcoatl hurls through a deep blue sky astride a bomb-shaped feathered serpent, knees clenched, arm raised like a bronc-bustin’ Slim Pickins atop Dr. Strangelove’s ‘love.’ Valderas offers a nine-piece painting, Nanahuatzin’s Prayer, that spills across the walls of the gallery in no apparent order. Nanahuatzin, the sickly one, threw himself into the fire when no other god would, a sacrifice that ensured the beginning of the fifth sun, the new age. Valderas’s god crouches inside a watermelon slice. The rays of the sun behind him allude to the bountiful fields of the Rio Grande Valley, where the artist grew up, a reference to the laborers who sacrificed themselves in the fields to ensure future generations. The artists will share stories of culture, politics, and history as seen in their work in a gallery talk at 2 pm on Saturday, June 23.

Both Garza and Valderas were born in the Rio Grande Valley where they were roommates for a while and where they participated in area art exhibitions and poetry readings. It was at one of these readings that they met poet Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. “Trino” mentored both young artists and encouraged them to come to San Antonio, where they now reside. So, it is fitting that in conjunction with “Return of Quetzalcoatl,” Bihl Haus Arts presents the Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. Memorial Birthday Poetry Bash!” on Friday, June 15th. The event, which we hope will become an annual celebration of the expansive poetic legacy of Trinidad Sanchez, Jr., was organized by his wife, Regina Chavez y Sanchez, and long-time family friend, poet, and teacher Andrea Greimel. Greimel will M.C. the evening, which opens at 6 pm with a blessing by native drummers led by Isaac Cardenas. Contributing poets include Jesse Cardenas, P.C. McKinnon, Frank "Pancho" Medina, Antoinette Franklin, and many more. Poems about fathers will be featured in honor of Father’s Day (June 17th) and Trino’s commitment to fathers and their children. (Details to follow in a future email.)

As always, a poster invitation is attached. Plese feel free to print and display it, and to forward this invitation to your friends.

Hope to see you at these terrific upcoming events!


Dr. Kellen Kee McIntyre
Executive Director
Bihl Haus Arts
2803 Fredericksburg Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78201

(210) 732-3502

Friday, June 01, 2007

Email Items

I was sorting through my emails and have found some interesting items to share with you.

From Marcela Landres The Latinidad® Newsletter:
Deadline: July 5
Emerging and mid-career writers of all disciplines are invited to apply for residencies from one to three months. Financial aid is available. To apply and for more information, visit

Deadline: August 1
Crescent Moon Press is a publisher of Romantic Science Fiction and Fantasy. The first place winner will receive a $100 American Express card and a contract for publication. Places 2-5 will also be eligible for, but not guaranteeda contract. For more information, please visit the Glade section of

From Previous Society Presenter
Marian Haddad, MFA

Tonight, June 1st, University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) Alumni, San Antonio Chapter, will host and honor "NEVIL SHED", one of the FIRST FIVE BLACK STARTERS IN THE HISTORY OF THE NCAA . . . They went on to WIN the NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP.
6:30-9:30 p.m.

Cost for meet & greet presentation ticket:
Tickets can be purchased by calling 1-866-Go Miners (466-4637) with an RSVP.