Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Las Americas Letters

St. Mary's University will be hosting "Las Americas Letter" a Series in Literature and the Arts, March 8-10. Under the direction of Gwendolyn Diaz, Ph.D., St. Mary's welcomes everyone to its campus for three days of celebration of the literature and art of the Americas.

This year, the event will feature two extraordinary artists of international renown: Native American Poet and jazz musician Joy Harjo and her band Poetic Justice, and Colombian-Caribbean author and performance artist Monica Gontovnik. Other guests include artist Consuelo Gonima, scholars Patricia Gonzales, Debora Andrist and Marian Aitches, poets Cyra Dumitru and Jenny Browne, as well as students from area high schools and colleges.

All events, except for the banquet, are free and open to the public.