Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Conversations with Ruben

Just wanted to wish the Miami group a wonderful evening tonight as they host Marcela Landres for dinner.

I spoke with Ruben Soto in Miami this morning, who brought me up-to-date on events in the south Florida area. In our conversation, I mentioned wanting to do more book reviews on books by Hispanic and Latino authors--he told me he would ask Marcela for some guidance. We continued our conversation, and bid farewell. About an hour later, Ruben emails me and tells me he has been in contact with a publicist at Rayo, a division of HarperCollins, who wants me to email her an introduction, along with a couple of my reviews. I did, and she must have enjoyed them because she wants to make me a south Texas contact and is placing several soon-to-be published books in the mail for me to review! Thanks, Ruben!

Cinco Minutos with You

On Monday, April 9, our monthly meeting with be our well-received "Cinco Minutos with You" where our members get to read up to 5-minutes of their works to the group. I have one spot out of 12 left--if you want to sign up to read, do it now before the last spot is gone!