Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Cover Up" in Paperback Released

I heard that Michele Martinez's book "Cover Up" was being released this week in paperback. If you recall, I gave the book a positive review when it was published earlier this year in hardback form.

I was visiting Barnes and Noble earlier today when I decided to look up the book to see if the art cover changed from the hardback edition. It did, and the paperback edition looks quite attractive with gold being a predominant color. I opened the book and on the very first page I was pleased to see that the publisher used a quote of mine from the review! Unfortunately (for me!), my name wasn't used (I guess "The San Antonio Express-News" carries more weight!!!) but it was still very motivating to see!

Yes, I bought a copy and have placed it on my book shelf with other books that I hope to save for as long as possible!

Tomorrow, Steve Bennett will release his choices for the top books of 2007 in the San Antonio Express-News and I'm eager to see what they are and if I reviewed any of them!