Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cisneros "Follower" Needs Your Help!

The following message is from Marian Haddad, sent on behalf of Sandra Cisneros:
Hi folks,

This is for you and to tell your friends and family, as well.

Our San Antonio linda, Sandra Cisneros, had a dog follow her all the way from San Fernando Cathedral . . . therefore, she named him Fernando which she said, "Makes me think of the song by ABBA." Anyhow, this is the deal, she already has many dogs . . . and Fernando is a dog with a big bark, she said, but very sweet . . . she said he is a Shepherd Chow mix . . . the dog is neutered and Sandra has given him his first shot, and he is ready for a home. Let me know if you are interested or if anyone is interested so I can keep Sandra posted, so she can rest assurred.

City Vet is located at 818 Austin St, San Antonio, TX 78208(210) 225-6531