Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Searching for Lost Poets

Fellow Writer, Dos Gatos Press is seeking our assistance in making contact with some poets. Please read Scott's email below:

Dear Poets,

We need your help, please. We are starting to place poems into the document that will eventually become the "best of the first decade of the Texas Poetry Calendar" anthology, but I have no contact information for several of the poets who we'd possibly like to include (don't worry if you haven't been contacted about your own poems--we haven't made any firm decisions yet because we're still testing space and haven't determined how many poems we can include!). We would like to at least give these poets a chance, however, so if anyone knows any of these poets, would you please let them know that we'd like to reach them ASAP? Sorry for the number of names, but it's considerably fewer than it was a few months ago! Most of the poets below I've tried through email (which bounce back, indicating a problem with the email address), and I've also tried through good old snail mail (I have a stack of returned envelopes sitting next to me). Some I simply have had no contact information to even try. So, again, if you'd be so kind to ask any poet you know from this list to contact me at editors@dosgatospress.org --especially the poets residing in Texas--, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Barenblat, Rachel/Williamstown, PA
Bochan, Toby/Austin
Book, Lana/Kerrville
Boudreaux, Katarina/North Richland Hills
Bowman, Celeste/Houston
Bruster, Bernadette/Carthage
Burlingame, Robert/Salt Flat

Carmichael, Shirley/Buffalo
Chapman, Lois V./Brownwood
Cole, Suzanne/Houston

Delaney, Pauline/Houston
DeLotto, Jeffrey/Ft. Worth

Farran, Walt/Los Angeles, CA
Fogo, Peter/Houston?
Follett, C.B./Sausalito, CA
Furnish, Shearle/Amarillo

Handley, Shirley/Harlingen
Hardy, Joyce Pounds/Houston
Hill, Shirley/Ft. Worth
Hoge, Bradley Earl/Spring
Hottel, G.A./Santa Rosa, CA

Keyes, Claire/Marblehead, MA
Kopel, Stephen/San Francisco, CA
Krenek, Rachel/Houston

Lane, Annie/Fredericksburg (aka Martha Lane)
Langford, William/Henderson
Lanham, Sam/Fredericksburg
LaSalle, Peter/Austin

Mancini, Jay/Bronx, NY
Marianiello, Vincent/Becida, MN
Mehra, Nishta/Houston
Meier, Joyce/Dallas
Mohring, Ron/Lewisburg, PA
Moon, Karen/San Antonio
Moore, Katrinka/New York, NY

Nelms, Sheryl, L./Azle
Newton, Violette/Beaumont
Novikoff, Carie/Cibolo

Patterson, Leslie/Ft. Collins, CO
Peterson, Karen/Oak Park, IL
Phillips, Louis/New York, NY
Poidevin, Karen/Fredericksburg
Porter, Stephen R./Dallas
Potter, Mary Reynolds/San Antonio

Rose, Dorothy/Westlake Vilage, CA
Roth, Jane Butkin/Bellaire

Saxon, Cynthia/Houston
Schill, Kay/Houston
Schultz, Lee/Nacogdoches
Seifert, Joan/San Antonio
Shelton, James/Kerrville
Shurgin, Ann/Waller
Slyker, Betsy/???
Smelcer, John/Corpus Christi
Smith Joan Jobe/Long Beach, CA
Stevens, Kathryn/Austin
Stewart, Penny/Kerrville
Swanzy, Bernandine/Fredericksburg
Swanzy, Jack/Fredericksburg

Talal, Marilynn/San Antonio
Terrazas, Elizabeth/San Franciso, CA
Terris, Susan/San Francisco, CA
Thompson, David J./Warren, MI
Thompson, Mel/San Francisco, CA
Tillinghast, David/Clemson, SC
Tomlinson, Rawdon E./Denver, CO

Umbach, Sandee Gertz/Pittsburgh, PA
Uschuk, Pamela/Winston-Salem, NC

Van Gunten, Dia/???

Warren, Nancy/Oakland, CA
Wier, Cynthia/Houston
Woller, June Kirkham/San Antonio
Woods, Christopher/Houston

Below are poets that are deceased, but if anyone knows who is in charge of their estates (i.e., who could grant permission to republish their poems), I'd love a contact:
Bowers, Susanne/Houston
Cody, Jim/Lubbock

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through this long list. The anthology will be worth it! (Had I only known how difficult it would be to track down the Flying Cow poets from the early years . . . .)


Scott Wiggerman
Dos Gatos Press
1310 Crestwood Road
Austin, Texas 78722