Friday, December 12, 2008

Nothing Like the Holidays


Irete Lazo, the author of "The Accidental Santera" has asked me to send you the following message:

I am writing to shamelessly beg all of you to go see "Nothing Like the Holidays" this weekend and take everyone you know. The movie stars Elizabeth Peña, who wants to direct the film adaptation of my novel, THE ACCIDENTAL SANTERA. It is not only the first mainstream holiday movie to feature the story of a Latino family, it also looks like great fun. I hear the family's Puerto Rican food has its own role in the movie. I can't wait to see tostones (fried green plantains) on the big screen! Opening weekend box office numbers count for a lot in Hollywood and, I for one, would like to make it easier for Elizabeth to get the support she needs to make her directorial debut! Homero and I have booked the babysitter, have picked out a Cuban restaurant (the closest thing we have here in San Jose) and can't wait to be first in line! I hope you'll do the same where you are.

Abrazos y Gracias,
Irete Lazo
p.s.You can see a trailer at