Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Letter to the Editor

I wanted to share with you a Letter to the Editor that appeared in Friday's San Antonio Express-News:

Beer, why not books?

I'm pleased that we celebrate the arts with Luminarias, and I congratulate all the organizers for their hard work. But one question: Why is it OK to sell beer but not books?

Unlike the beer industry, small-presses do not gain a profit from the sale of their books. Creating an outlet for them to sell their books would help local writers, local presses and local readers, especially since most books by small-press writers are hard to find.

Since we no longer have a citywide book fair, Luminarias would be a good opportunity for books to be made available. Please consider this in the future.

Sandra Cisneros

Wouldn't it be great to bring back a citywide book fair?