Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Michigan State University Home of Trinidad Sanchez Jr Archives

From Regina Chavez y Sanchez:

The archives of poet, Trinidad Sanchez, Jr., have found a home in Michigan at Michigan State University as a part of the Cesar Chavez Collection unfer the supervision of Diana Rivera. It is quite an accomplishment for a Chicano poet's work to be publicly acknowledged and protected for future studies and thesis'. The remainder of his letters and documentation of future events will be added as they occur and after my death. Viva Trino!!!!!!!!!! It took me almost four years but his legacy is protected!

My journey to find the right home for Trino's archives was long one. I consulted several friends and professionals and decided that his life story belonged in Michigan, where he could be acknowledged as a Chicano role model in his home state. (Gracias Carlos!)

Annually there are two events honoring Trino. Wayne State University, Dept. of Chicano/Boriqua Studies will be hosting an event in Detroit. The second event will be at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, it usually occurs in April.

If you have any correspondence from Trino, photos or stories to share for his archives please send them to me.

My next responsibility to preserve his legacy is to get the unpublished manuscripts published. Next Chapter!!!!!!!

Regina Chavez y Sanchez

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