Wednesday, December 08, 2010

From Bihl Haus Arts

From Bihl Haus Arts:

Dear Friends of Bihl Haus Arts,

In need of a moment of escape from the maddening crowds of holiday shopping? We have the perfect solution! Join us at Bihl Haus this Saturday, Dec. 11th, 2-5 pm, for a dialog between noted anthropologist MEGAN BIESELE, an activist scholar in Namibian culture, and prolific sculptor DANVILLE CHADBOURNE, followed by the debut of a new collaborative performance by poet and vocalist YVE ANDERSON and percussionist TIBO on the African drums.

A little more about this event:

Bihl Haus Arts is pleased to present a Bihl Haus Dialog with noted anthropologist Megan Biesele, PhD, exhibiting sculptor Danville Chadbourne, and art historian and Bihl Haus Executive Director Kellen Kee McIntyre, PhD. They will discuss Danville’s work, on exhibit in “Retrospective II: Wood Reliefs,” from the multiple perspectives of anthropology, art history and contemporary art criticism, and artmaking. The Dialog, scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 11th at 2 pm, is followed by a special musical performance (3 pm) and closing reception (to 5pm) for the exhibition.

And about Megan:

This Dialog features special guest Megan Biesele, who received her Ph.D. in social anthropology from Harvard University in 1975. She has spent the past 40 years working in the areas of language development and human rights of the peoples of Botswana and Namibia, southern Africa. Megan taught anthropology and art history at UT Austin, Texas A&M, and Rice University in Texas and at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She helped found one of the first US anthropological advocacy organizations, the Kalahari Peoples Fund (KPF) in 1973 and currently serves as its Director (, From the 1970s through the ‘90s, Biesele worked for communities in Botswana and Namibia as an advocate and documentarian. She served as director of an NGO, the Nyae Nyae Development Foundation of Namibia, during Namibia’s transition to independence (1987-92). She was an elected member of the Committee for Human Rights (CfHR) of the American Anthropological Association. In 2000 she received the Lucy Mair Medal for Applied Anthropology from the Royal Anthropological Institute, London. Biesele is the author of numerous books, including Shaken Roots: Bushmen of Namibia Today (Johannesburg: 1990), “Women Like Meat”: The Folklore and Foraging Ideology of the Kalahari Ju/’hoan (Johannesburg: 1993), and Hunters and Gatherers in the Modern World: Conflict, Resistance, and Self-Determination (co-editors, Peter P. Schweitzer and Robert K. Hitchcock. New York: 2000).

And the performance:

The dialog will be followed by the debut of a new collaborative work by poet and vocalist Yve Anderson and percussionist Tibo, who performs on the African drums. This is Yve and Tibo's second performance at Bihl Haus Arts--if you saw them the first time at the David Zamora Casas event, then I know you'll want to see them again. If you didn't, then you simply must! Yves poignant poetic voice and Tibo's rhythmic percussion, informed by years and years of study of various forms of African and Caribbean music, merge to create one of the most exciting and original musical performances at Bihl Haus yet!

And the exhibit, too!

The dialog and performance are part of the closing reception for Retrospective II, an exhibit of wood reliefs produced by sculptor Danville Chadbourne between 1980 and 1999. Danville’s fetishized, ritualized objects in this exhibit stir a collective memory that connects us as human beings to a primordial past. If you haven't seen this show yet (and it's a stunner!) this is the last opportunity to do so.

So, join us for this amazing amalgam of art and creativity and knowledge. Our holiday gift to you!

P.S. As always, please forward this invitation to anyone who might be interested.

This program, which is free and open to the public, was funded in part by the Texas Commission for the Arts through the San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs. Bihl Haus Arts ( is a not-for-profit contemporary art gallery located at 2803 Fredericksburg Rd., on the premises of Primrose at Monticello Park Senior Apartments. Bihl Haus Arts is the only professional nonprofit art gallery on the premises of 100% senior affordable housing in the U.S. The gallery, open Fridays and Saturdays, 1-4 pm, is made possible with the generous support of The Potashnik Family Foundation and Primrose. For more information (210) 383-9723, or

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