Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Duende de Lorca

UTSA Student Activities
is proud to announce
Duende de Lorca
A bilingual play by Teatro Milagro
Tuesday, November 15, 11:30 am
Buena Vista Meeting Assembly
Downtown Campus
Information: 210-458-2836

Federico García Lorca is celebrated the world over for his poetry, music and plays.
Yet at the age of 27, he was still a struggling artist living with his parents, staging
puppet plays that were laughed off the stage by the critics. His need for freedom
fueled his desire to succeed. In search of duende , his travels through New York and
Cuba became a quest for cultural integration.

Duende de Lorca follows the early years of Federico’s early successes from the opening night
of Mariana Pineda , followed by the printing of Gypsy Ballads and Poet in New York.
Audiences will share in his triumphs and failures and his relationships with Salvador
Dali, Melchor Almagro, Emilio Aladren and others as his journey from New York to
Cuba shapes his life and his art.

“The macabre and elegant words of Federico García Lorca have jumped from the page to the stage in Miracle Theatre’s current production. The bilingual one-act by Dañel Malán intersperses surreal, poetic flourishes with the grueling challenges the poet faced in his youth. Duende has some surprises: it’s not in every play that a down-in-the-dumps protagonist falls in love with a butterfly and is tormented by evil cockroaches. A showcase of Lorca’s dark and beautiful writing, Duende de Lorca is fully comprehensible to non-English and non-Spanish speakers alike. The actors’ breathless transition from English to Spanish allows viewers to hear Lorca’s sound and see Lorca’s vision with stunning clarity—a good challenge to the notion
that poetry can never be translated.” – Willamette Week, Jan. 19, 2011

Duende de Lorca is written by Teatro Milagro Artistic
Director Dañel Malan and directed by Matthew B. Zrebski.
Rory Stitt plays the lead role of Federico García Lorca.

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