Saturday, March 09, 2013

Awaken the Sleeping Poet

Awaken the Sleeping Poet at the Twig
Tuesday night, March 12th, at the Twig Book Shop, Featuring:An Evening With Darrell Pittman...

Darrell Pittman

One of San Antonio's best kept secrets.
Darrell's poetry is humorous, sensual, and poignant.
He will make you laugh and cry. He has a God given talent
and an amazing voice for poetry.  If you miss him,
you'll be missing one the best poetry nights of the year.

     Darrell Pittman is a poet who is a conundrum. Personally, he defies any attempt to categorize his poetry or his existence. He is multi-faceted in his life, from leisure to social causes.  This enigma began at birth with the choice of his name. His father, a man from the backwoods of Mississippi, named him after a French Canadian, Yvon Durelle but spelled it d-a-r-r-e-l-l. Still, although pronounced “Du-Relle,” over time his family changed the pronunciation to “DaRell.” Contradictions continued with his schooling. Although he began his education in segregation and poverty, he ultimately was well educated by catholic nuns in Great Britain. The yin and yang of his life continued with his introduction to poetry. His favorite poets are 1960’s Nikki Giovanni and 1860’s Charles Baudelaire. His favorite playwrights are South African, Athol Fugard and San Antonio’s own Sterling Houston. His musical interests vary from the Motown Temptations to the Russian Rachmaninov to the German, Agnes Bernelle to the Puerto Rican, Tito Puente.
     So goes his approach to performance poetry. He has performed his poetry solo, on “slam teams” and with a jazz based “performance-poetry” group called, “The Wagging Tongues.”  He has read his poetry in art galleries and museums and a biker bar in Austin. He has performed his poetry in honky tonks and bars and an international airport concourse. He has done poetry workshops for high school and college students in classrooms and with juveniles on probation in detention.
     Recently he has begun to try his hand at playwriting. To date, he has had four of his one act plays selected for production here in San Antonio.
     Finally, no matter how difficult it is to classify Darrell or his writing, one theme does run true throughout: He tries to, “touch the heart, inspire the mind and move the soul” with all that he writes. Yet, even more importantly than that, he wants to personally shake the hand of the person who decided to butter the pecans BEFORE putting them in the ice cream. That is Darrell Pittman.
     Darrell has been published in books: Vision Quest, Voices Along the River (two editions), Reflections of Light, San Antonio Poetry Festival, San Antonio Poetry Anthology.  Magazines: Patchwork Poems (four editions), Sun Poetic Times, The International Poets Journal, Poetry Magazine (three editions), and the San Antonio Express-News (two editions), and the webzine, Invasive Thoughts.

Darrell begins at 7:00 p.m.  Open mic begins at 8:00, so bring some poems to share,
because Open Mic is where anybody in the audience can share their poetry.
Then Darrell will close with a couple of encore poems at 8:50.

The Twig Book Shop is the premiere poetry place in San Antonio.
Located at 200 E. Grayson, Ste. 124, San Antonio, TX in the
revitalized historic Pearl Brewery.

Floyd L. Lamrouex
(210) 656-3131