Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hecho en Tejas Recap

Well, it's nice to know I can be right sometimes! On Saturday, I made a prediction that Stephen Harrigan's "The Gates of the Alamo" would be selected as this year's 1 Book, 1 San Antonio reading assignment--and I was right!

On another topic, last night I attended the "Hecho en Tejas" event at Trinity University. It was a pleasure seeing Becky, our Society's Vice President, and Dr. Daydi-Tolson, our Historian, at the event.

Unfortunately, I had to leave at intermission, but at least I was able to hear Diana Lopez read her work in progress. I thought it was simply wonderful! Ever since I met Diana and read her book, I have been telling everyone I talk to about Hispanic authors to keep their eyes on her…I truly believe she is on the way to being one of the prominent future voices of Hispanic literature.

Dr. Daydi-Tolson and I also spoke about his experiences writing a book review! We both agreed that while they are fun to do, there is a lot of work involved. It’s really hard when you know that the minute you’re done with one review, another book waits to be read and reviewed too.