Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gaby's Update

Martha Curcio (left) presents Gaby with a floral bouquet after Gaby's May presentation at Barnes and Noble, San Pedro Crossing.


Maria Gabriela Madrid, known to her fellow Society members as Gaby, presented her newly published book, ENTRE LOS SURCOS DEL RECUERDO, at the May meeting of the Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers which meets at Barnes & Noble, San Pedro Crossing.

The author read “El Misterio de Escribir” (The Mystery of Writing):
Para escribir hay que leer, hay que saborear los libros sin lineamientos, hay que profundizar e interiorizar lo que el escritor trata de decirnos. Hay que buscar el mensaje detrás del relato.

In order to write, the writer must read. He must approach the books without any rule. The reader must go deeper and internalize what the writer wants to tell and look for the hidden message.

Among her favorite authors, she named Julio Cortazar, James Joyce and William Faulkner.

Maria Gabriela Madrid stated it took her four years to complete the stories in her anthology. The stories are ones of magic realism, dreams, with a “tona fantastica”, maybe something like the paranormal genre in the mainstream. The author’s stories have hidden messages and surprise meanings drawn from the headlines in the news.

The author’s book is available at the bookstore, Books & Books, Miami , Florida and in July, she’ll begin a promotion in Caracas , Venezuela .

You can also reach the author at:
Check out Maria's (Gaby's) upcoming events:

June 24 - Interview with Univision. The program will air on "Desde San Antonio" with Amparo Ortiz in July 2009

June 27, 10 a.m. - Presentation/reading of "Entre los surcos del recuerdo" at Brook Hollow Branch Library, 530 Heimer Road, San Antonio, Texas (If you need any directions, phone: 496-6315). Open to the public.

July 16, 7 p.m. - Presention/reading of "Entre los surcos del recuerdo" at El Buscón-Librería de Ocasión, Trasnocho, Caracas, Venezuela.