Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday's Meeting

Rebeca Gomez Galindo

Thank you to Lupe Gonzalez for providing us with a synopsis of last week's meeting!


Rebeca Gomez Galindo was the featured speaker at the June meeting of the Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers. She presented her new book, HABITANTES DE MI TIEMPO.

In a humorous and very passionate way, Rebeca informed the audience that she is a “great storyteller”. She also confessed that “reading is my passion”. She advised aspiring writers to read the classics.

Other advice the author had for writers:
Join a writers group.
Attend writers’ conferences.

Following her own advice, Rebeca joined the Society five years ago. She adheres to the belief that in order to do what you love, you have to join others who love to do what you love to do.

Networking Is Everything! The author emphasized this emphatically. In order to market and sell your book, you have to begin networking months in advance.

The road to publication is fraught with challenges. Rebeca shared her road. She first compiled her short stories. Then, she sent them to four publishers she’d targeted. Three of the four responded. One seemed to say no with a complicated yes; the other said no with a smile. The third one accepted her once they found out if she knew who her target market was and how she planned to promote the book.

Writing is a solitary profession. Rebeca well knows this, but publishing is another story. So, she gathered a team around her comprised of her graphic artist, Abram Alonso, who designed her book cover, Dr. Santiago Daydi-Tolson, who wrote the preface, Alfredo Avalos, who wrote the prologue, Becky Pinot, who designed her website and her book trailer and Julio Pinot, who juggled the finances.

The author read two short stories from the anthology: “Brote de Flores” and “Amor Cuantico”. Rebeca likes to write on contemporary social issues, however, she also likes to give hope, i.e., a guardian angel watches over us. In the end, we can find happiness, if not wealth.

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