Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From Bihl Haus Arts

Dear Friends of Bihl Haus Arts,

Get ready to satisfy your literary appetite at Bihl Haus Arts’ first SMALL PRESS BOOK FAIR, this Saturday, March 27, 1-4 pm! San Antonio’s amazing small presses—Wings Press, Pecan Grove, and School by the River Press—will be joined by Austin’s Dos Gatos Press and poetry journals Voices de la Luna (San Antonio) and The Enigmatist (Georgetown, TX). These amazing resources support our area’s burgeoning literary scene by promoting local authors and publishing books you just can’t get at big box bookstores.

This leisurely afternoon of book browsing and buying will be punctuated by the WORDWORKERS POETRY READING with authors Martha K. Grant, Assef al-Jundi, Ignacio Magaloni, Josie Mixon, Jim LaVilla-Havelin, David Meischen, Scott Wiggerman, Mike Gullickson, Lesley Clark, Carolyn Patteson Sanchez, Palmer Hall, and Roberto Bonazzi.

The BIHL HAUS SMALL PRESS BOOK FAIR, organized by Jim LaVilla-Havelin, takes place in conjunction with the photo exhibit WOODWORKERS, intimate portraits of 22 San Antonio authors by Melanie Rush Davis, which continues at Bihl Haus through April 17th. The portraits, taken with the pinhole camera, pair with writings literally scrawled on the gallery walls by the authors themselves: Grisel Acosta, Roberto Bonazzi, Jenny Browne, Rosemary Catacalos, Sandra Cisneros, Nan Cuba, Cyra Dumitru, Martha K. Grant, Palmer Hall, Jim LaVilla-Havelin, Marian Haddad, Assef al-Jundi, Bryce Milligan, Ignacio Magaloni, Josie Mixon, Naomi Shihab Nye, Carol Coffee Reposa, John Phillip Santos, Vincent Toro, Carmen Tafolla, and Mobi Warren.

So, bring your literary appetite and cash or check—most participants will not have the capability to process card transactions—and come support San Antonio’s authors and the spectacular small presses that publish them.


P.S. This is an official National Poetry Month 2010 San Antonio event, which is co-sponsored by Bihl Haus Arts and funded in part by the San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs. For a full schedule, please go to: http://www.sahearts.com/SpecialEvents/PoetryMonth2010/tabid/196/Default.aspx

For more on participating presses, visit their websites:

Wings, www.wingspress.com

Pecan Grove, http://library.stmarytx.edu/pgpress/

School by the River Press , www.swschool.org

Dos Gatos, www.dosgatospress.org

Voices de la Luna, www.voicesdelaluna.com

The Mission of BIHL HAUS ARTS: “Creating Community through the Arts”

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