Monday, June 28, 2010

Driver Safety

From founding member, Gil Dominguez:

I'm a state-licensed driver-safety instructor and am starting a school to teach a couple of courses. Please pass this on to our members that I'm offering Drug and Alcohol Driver Awareness Program (DADAP) classes in case anyone is interested. Most of the time drivers are ordered by the courts to attend this training as part of a judgement, but you don't have to be a violator or have drug or alcohol issues to attend the class. I took it and got a 10 percent discount on my car insurance policy. Although the class usually costs $50, I can give members a $10 discount. The course fee will more than pay for itself when you add up the insurance savings. But people should check with their insurance providers first to see if the discount would apply in their particular cases. I'm working also on getting my defensive driving (ticket dismissal) certification and later this year will be able to offer that course as well. If I can get enough members to sign up for the DADAP class, however, I can schedule one for next month. For more info, people can contact me at or (home) 210-497-0949/(cell) 210-216-8330.