Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Becky wanted to share this information with us:


It was good to talk to you. I am happy that I was able to share information about our services to you. As promised, here’s a complete list of the services I offered you on the phone.

I introduced the NEW Professional package to you. Yes, based on all the information you shared with me about your book and your plans, it is indeed very beneficial for you to purchase our Professional package with all its new service inclusions. The Professional Service combines our most popular publishing features into a more robust package. It includes all the services of the Basic package plus more books, more marketing materials, more design options and hardback availability. Authors using the Professional service may customize elements of the interior templates to create an interior that is truly unique.

Let me present them one by one:

NEW Professional Service features include:

* Books (Free Shipping)

1 paperback Primary Print Copy

5 trade paperback copies

* Publication Registration:

Availability of your book in E-book format (this is the newest book format we have)

Availability of your book in Professional Paperback format

Availability of your book in Hardback Format

Unique ISBN Code and UPC Barcode

Registration with Books In Print

Registration with Baker & Taylor

Registration with Ingram and all channel retailers (Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, etc)

Book and Author Webpages on the Xlibris’ website

U.S. Copyright Registration (to make sure your book is protected from anyone who would attempt to copy your work and ideas)

Library of Congress Registration

Miscellaneous (production)

Allowance of cover art (up to 3 images) and author Photo

Your choice of 18 cover templates

Your choice of 9 interior templates

Ability to customize certain elements of the Interior Templates

25 Allotted Interior Graphics and tables

* Marketing Aide (To help you promote your book):

Printed Materials (50 bookmarks, 50 business cards,50 postcards,5 posters)

Personalized advertising materials you can hand out to your friends and relatives.

Also included:

Paperback royalties: 25% of cover price (direct sales), and 10% (Distributor/Reseller sales)

E-book royalties: 50% of the net price

Author discounts of up to 60% (trade paperbacks respectively)

Author Service Representative who provides support throughout the publication process

Control over your book excerpt viewable in Xlibris' Online bookstore

Online Book Sales Reporting

There is no deadline for submitting the materials. We do request that you inform us when to expect the materials so we can start scheduling the publication process. We start the publishing or lock in the publishing spot for a particular special like the package above with the first installment. The New Professional Package is now priced at $599 only which is the original price of $999, a good price for a package that gives you the professional services to help you come up with a professional book. And you have a choice to pay this in full or by installment. Here’s the computation:

Trade Basic Upgraded to Professional Service:
$ 599.00

$ -

$ 599.00

Installment Option:

*installment surcharge
$ 30.00

$ 629.00

Payment Term

1st payment
$ 209.66

2nd payment
$ 209.66

3rd payment
$ 209.66

Installment payment option will allow you to pay for the package in three equal payments using your Credit or Debit Card only.


You have the option of paying for the service in full through Credit/Debit Card, Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer.

For check and money order payments, please send it to the address below:

Xlibris Corporation
1663 Liberty Drive
Bloomington, IN 47403

We are able to provide services that are not normally offered by other self-publishing companies: 24/7 Book Ordering Service, an open-ended and non-exclusive agreement, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you (the author) retain all rights to the book and have full control of the publishing.

Let me help you write your own success at a minimal cost. In case you have questions or you’ve made your decision, you may call me at 1-888 795 4274 ext. 7416 or reply to this email. I am in my office from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday. You may also visit our website at www.xlibris.com.

I welcome you to Xlibris in advance!

Best Regards

Valerie Summers
Customer Services Representative
Sales & Marketing Department
Xlibris Corporation
1663. Liberty Drive
Bloomington, IN 47403
Tel: 888.795.4274, ext. 7416
Fax: 610.915.0294

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