Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Aztlan Libre Press

From Juan Tejeda:
Camaradas: just wanted to let you know that my companera, Anisa Onofre, and I recently realized a dream and began Aztlan Libre Press, an independent publishing house that is dedicated to the promotion, publication and free expression of Xican@ Literature and Art. Our first book, Tunaluna, by the renowned veterano poeta, alurista, just came out. This is alurista's tenth book of poetry and his first publication in ten years. We are very proud of the book (see attached cover and press release).

We have also organized a five-city (San Antonio, Seguin, Austin, Houston and Laredo) "alurista Tunaluna Texas Tour" with public readings and workshops to promote the book in October 2010.

We're also very proud of our new website www.aztlanlibrepress.com We will be using this website to promote our publications, but also to promote Xican@ writers and artists, and other important cultural projects and events. Please check it out and tell us what you think. You can also purchase Tunaluna at our website. Como siempre, gracias por su amistad y apoyo. Please spread the word y hablamos pronto. in tlanextia in tonatiuh/que su sol sea brillante, juan