Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sagebrush Review Update

From the Sagebrush Review:

Greetings all,

Apologies for not getting this notice out sooner. It has been a wild and revealing - or wildly revealing - past few weeks, but we at the Review are pressing onward. Many of you have been asking about the March open mic which, according to our previous month-to-month schedule, should be pinned for this Friday the 11th. We are now considering new venues for the Sagebrush events to more thoroughly explore what this brilliant city has to offer in the way of open mic-friendly establishments. We may have to push back this week's reading to after spring break, unless someone can contact one of us at the Review in the next few days with a viable option for a venue this Friday.

Beyond the urgency of locating a venue for this week, you are all invited and encouraged (if so compelled) to join us in the search for alternative venues in San Antonio to be considered for future Sagebrush events. The Review and its audiences/supporters have enjoyed a long and productive relationship with Candlelight Coffeehouse & Bar, and we are ever grateful for their resources and warmth, however it is time to chart a new path. Please contact anyone associated with the Review with suggestions for new venues for these open mics, which I'm pleased to declare have been rapidly growing in intensity and attendance over the course of the past few months.

In another area, we are approaching the conclusion of our submission-selection process for volume 6 and should have confirmation of the chosen pieces by the end of the week. Despite the chaos this year's regime has suffered, we do promise to have a completed volume for 2010-2011 that humbly yet confidently steps beyond its predecessors in terms of quality and content. Oh yes, be excited.

One final note:
David Hale (Assistant Editor) and I will be reading tonight (March 9th) on behalf of the Sagebrush Review at the Hilton Palacio del Rio on S. Alamo St. in honor of National Poetry Month. The evening promises to be prolific and comfortable and boasts the presence of many dynamic authors. I'll include some details at the end of the message. If you could use a night off from school/work/responsibilities (like I could) and wish to venture downtown for a night of wonders, come say hello to us at the Hilton Palacio del Rio and enjoy some live poetry. Event starts at 7 PM.

*Hilton Palacio del Rio
200 S. Alamo Street, San Antonio, TX 78205; 210-222-1400
The actual room has not been set; please ask the receptionist to direct you.

Readers for March 9:
Anel Flores
Ben Tremillo
Laurie Guerrero
Robert Garcia
Anna Padilla
Cooper Harris
David Hale
Carolina Hinojosa
Vincent Toro

Cooper Dale Harris
Managing Editor
Sagebrush Review

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