Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bihl Haus Event

From our friends at Bihl Haus Arts:

Dear Friends of Bihl Haus Arts,

A story has been going around for years about the Bihl House--that its great stone walls hide a precious treasure. Well, the story is absolutely TRUE! Its walls do hold our most cherished treasure: our Volunteers--the ones who oversee the guest book, serve food and drink, host on opening nights, and staff the gallery on Friday and Saturday afternoons. These essential volunteers are the Bihl Haus Docents, residents of Primrose who donate their time—hundreds of hours each year—to help keep Bihl Haus open and running smoothly. But did you know that many of them also have secret lives? Well they do! And now it’s time to let their secret out: most are also artists and poets and writers—the Goldens—passionate about paint and canvas, paper and pen. And their passion is showing; it’s literally all over the walls at Bihl Haus.

So, come celebrate the opening reception of “Golden Treasures,” this Saturday, May 21, from 4 to 6 pm. On exhibit will be more than 100 small works—many for sale (100% of the sale price goes to the artist)—produced by the Goldens (most live at Primrose) over the past year, plus fiber foodworks and a 15-foot mural! Juror Deborah Kuetzplain Vasquez will be on hand to award prizes and ribbons and you can help her by casting your vote ($1 per ballot) for the People’s Choice Award.

We’ll also be honoring the contributions of the fabulous Bihl Haus Arts Docents at this event. So, if you love the Bihl Haus and you love our Goldens and our Docents--Bihl Haus can’t do what it does without them!--then this is the time to express your thanks for all they do by attending this Saturday afternoon event. Bar-b-que, libations, surprise guest performances, and more!


P.S. And please consider joining us for the Golden’s first off-campus poetry and prose reading at the Twig Book Shop, 5005 Broadway, on Thursday, May 26, 5-7 pm, organized by Barbara Renaud Gonzalez.

P.S.S. The publication of the catalog that accompanies this exhibit was made possible by the WellMed Charitable Foundation. Artwork on exhibit was produced over the past year by Goldens enrolled in the Bihl Haus “GO! Arts Program,” sponsored in part by the Genevieve and Ward Orsinger Foundation, Greehey Family Foundation, Shield-Ayres Foundation, Potashnik Family Foundation, Alice Kleberg Reynolds Mayer Foundation, Dougherty Foundation, Texas Commission on the Arts through the San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs, and Primrose at Monticello Park Senior Apartments.

Kellen Kee McIntyre, PhDExecutive Director Bihl Haus Arts
P.O. Box 100806 2803 Fredericksburg Rd. San Antonio, TX 78201 (210) 383-9723 (cell)
(210) 732-3502 (off)