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Review: Writing Under the Influence of Trinidad Sanchez Jr.

Maria Gabriela Madrid reviews:

WUI Writing Under The Influence of Trinidad Sánchez Jr.

Juan Pérez is the author of another powerful book of poems called "WUI: Written Under the Influence of Trinidad Sánchez, Jr." A fervent admirer of the late Chicano poet and activist Trinidad Sánchez Jr, Juan Pérez’ poems reflect his influences on writing controversial topics in a gentle way.

Juan Pérez is a Mexican-American writer product of two cultures. He has the sensibility of understanding people’s need to denounce prejudice, stereotypes and fallacies with the hope of making others aware of their existence and the urgency of having them debunked. In Juan Pérez’ book, he proudly writes about his background as a Mexican-American boy working endless hours in the fields, a boy eating tortillas as well as hamburgers, a boy with an American spirit and a Mexican heart, a poet that feels and shares the passion of the Hispanic culture as he mentioned in his poem “Onion by Onions”.

Pérez is an American writer with a Mexican soul that transports the readers to the richness of Mexican culture, its food and heritage. Juan Pérez proudly embraces The Maya, The Aztec and The Toltec influences, and expects other Mexican-Americans to embrace their heritage too as he implies in his poem “ One Morning”

Juan Perez’ poems are thought provoking and have the ability to make the readers laugh, and at the same time wonder about controversial topics such as Machismo with his poem “Am I too Macho to wash the clothes”, Evolution with his poem “Why Did The Xicken Cross The Road? Religion with his poem “Too Much Time On Our Hands”, And the lack of recognition in history books of Hispanic contributors to United States, and the world with his poem “I See Brown People”

Juan Pérez book WUI Written Under The Influence of Trinidad Sánchez, Jr has all the ingredients of a Taco made in American soil. It is a poetry book that will challenge the reader to his/her very core.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone willing to open his/her mind to a universe of surprising endings.
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