Thursday, July 19, 2012

Comadres y Compadres Writers Conference

From Marcela Landres:

Hi - I’m delighted to announce that Nora de Hoyos Comstock of Las

Comadres, Adriana Dominguez-Ferrari of Full Circle Literary, Brenda
Greene of Medgar Evers College, Tina Jordan of the AAP and I are
organizing the Comadres y Compadres Writers Conference. It will take
place at the Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York on
October 6, 2012 and will provide Latino writers with access to published
Latino authors as well as agents and editors who have a proven track
record of publishing Latino writers. In addition, the CCWC will offer an
insider's perspective on how best to navigate the particular challenges
and opportunities faced by Latino writers in the current publishing
landscape, as well as foster a vibrant national community of writers akin
to what Las Comadres has already created with its Las Comadres
international network and its Las Comadres and Friends National Latino

Book Club and Teleconference Series. To register and for more
information, visit:

Please share widely. Many thanks in advance!

Wishing you peace,
Marcela Landres
Author of the e-book "How Editors Think: The Real Reason They Rejected You"