Friday, May 28, 2010

Poetry Event June 2

From Josie Mixon:

Good Day Fellow Poets and Friends!!!

Wooohooo, three day weekend!!
Sorry, simple things excite me these days.

It is such a beautiful day and with the days getting warmer and warmer I'm sure you are being inspired to write heat related poems or poems about waterfalls, rivers, oceans and maybe ice-cream. OK well I am, I think. Well here we go with the start of a brand new month, June, so soon and before you know it Christmas will be here probably before Halloween as Christmas or Holiday decor is released earlier and earlier every year.

Please join us on Wednesday, June 2nd for a fabulous evening of poetry. Come early for our Poetry workshop with Tom E and followed by open mic with Jim Brandenburg and Josie Mixon. Our featured guest will present at 8:00pm. Our special guest is Harold Warford.

Harold Warford, retired lawyer, is one of the funniest poets in Texas. He has the rare ability to laugh at everything and everybody, including himself. Bring your handkerchiefs, because I guarantee you, that you will laugh until you cry. Harold allows you to look at serious issues and then laugh at yourself. If you have never heard Harold's poetry, you are in for a rare treat. Come and support a great evening of poetry.

Come on over and sit and relax with us and share your beautiful voices with us. We look forward to seeing you there.

Josie Mixon

Jim Brandenburg