Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Texas Publishers seeks Translator

From Mirta Espinola:

Dear All:

We are looking to acquire quotes from individuals who are in the business of translating a 200 page novel. We are translating one of our books into Spanish. If you are interested please send me an e-mail with a quote. I am not sure if a translator would charge by the word or by the page. It seems like we are roughly at 200 pages. I can get more information if need be.

Quotes should have name, e-mail, address to send payment. In addition, maybe some background information regarding what other works you have translated, length of time for translating a 200 page book into Spanish. I may need to know what your written fluency accuracy is for this type of work? Perhaps a resume would do, outlining the specifics. If you are in the trade, then you would know what paperwork you would need from me and vice-versa.

We will provide the book if you are hired, and we can draw up a contract for services rendered outlining all specifications.

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Thank you so much,

Mirta Espinola, Publicist
First Texas Publishers
PO BOX 181
San Juan, Texas 78589