Monday, August 02, 2010

Gaby accepts position as Spanish Editor for local literary magazine

Editor's Note: Congratulations, Gaby!

I would like to share with you and others that from now on I will be working as a "Spanish Editor" for "Voices de la Luna"magazine. "Voices de la Luna" accepts Spanish written material that are accompanied by a translation in English. Both versions must follow the "Voices de la Luna" guidelines. See the website online to read the submission guidelines.

Thanks again in advance for sharing this great news with others.
Gaby (María Gabriela Madrid)

Maria Gabriela Madrid is a bilingual writer, and “Spanish Editor” for “Voices de la Luna magazine”, SA-TX. She was born and raised in Caracas-Venezuela. She studied Education at Metropolitan University of Caracas-Venezuela; Creative Writing and English as a Second Language at Harvard University, Boston University, and Columbia University. She received a "Diploma and Mention of Honor" for participating in the “XVII Poetry and Narrative contest” held by “Instituto de Cultura Peruana”, Miami-Florida. Her book “Entre Los Surcos del Recuerdo” is part of the syllabus for the advance Spanish classes at Saint Mary´s Hall (Private school in San Antonio-Texas) and other university libraries across Venezuela and the USA. Her short stories,poems and articles has been published at various literary magazines and anthologies such as"Labrapalabra" magazine from University of Texas at San Antonio, "Poetas y Narradores del 2008" , "Poetas y Narradores del 2009" supported by "Instituto de Cultura Peruana" Miami-Fla,and "Women Voices/Voces de Mujeres" supported by "Mujeres Writing Group" at Our Lady of the Lake University, SA-Texas.

Her work written in English (The Shinny Estrella and Why?) were published on “Voices de la Luna” on March 2010, and June 2010 edition.

Also,the short story called “Why” was air on “Texas Matters”National Public Radio (NPR 89.1)

Some others short stories written in Spanish will soon be publish on an argentinian magazine called “MALA” on August and or September 2010 edition.

Maria Gabriela Madrid has been interviewed for several newspapers, magazines, and radio stations. In Caracas-Venezuela such as “El Universal”, “El Diario de Caracas”, “El Nacional”, and “Unión Radio”. In San Antonio, Texas at “San Antonio Express News North Central News” by Rosalind Solís. She was interviewed several times by Mayra Calvani for “Latino Book Examiner”. In Matamoros/Brownsville at “Ojo de Cíclope” by Alejandro Rosales Lugo, and in the New York Times by Randy Kennedy.

Also, she was interviewed by Amparo Ortiz on her program “Desde San Antonio” Univisión Channel.

For more information, please contact the bilingual writer and "Spanish Editor"Maria Gabriela Madrid at her e-mail: