Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Poetry Night at Barnes and Noble, Ingram Festival

From Josie Mixon:

Great Day My Fellow Poets and Supporters of Poetry!

Hope your summer has been fantastic and your gardens have flourished in the rain. Kids are back in school so watch out for those school zones!

Please join us Wednesday, September 15th for Poetry Night at Barnes & Noble, Ingram Festival at 6:00pm for a fabulous poetry workshop with Jim Brandenburg followed by open mic at 7:00pm with Josie Mixon. Our featured guest will present at 8:00pm. Our guest is one of my personal favorites Bryce Milligan.

Bryce has a couple of new songs in the upcoming Voices de la Luna Magazine and one of his poems, "Alms for Oblivion" will be republished (all 500 lines) in the next issue of The Invisible College, and www.brycemilligan.com is newly updated with music videos, etc. Please visit his website for more information.

Please join us for a wonderful celebration of poetry!!!!!!!
Josie Mixon
Jim Brandenburg