Friday, October 26, 2012

2013 Las Comadres and Friends National Latino Book Club

Thanks to Edna Campos Gravenhorst for sharing this information with us from Las Comadres:


We write you with great excitement that we are now collecting title submissions for the 2013 Las Comadres and Friends National Latino Book Club. If you are an author or know an author that has an upcoming work in 2013, please let them know to have their PUBLISHER submit their upcoming book. We take submissions from the publishers since one of the requirements is to submit gratis copies of the books for us and only the publishers can make that decision.

We are concentrating on Latina authors as well. We love our compadre authors and have a dedicated “Dude” month, but please use your networks to get word to our Latina authors that we would love to have their publishers submit their new works!

Selected titles will gain great exposure among this ever-growing network for 20,000+ members worldwide. Authors also will be featured in the Las Comadres monthly teleconferences, which currently boast growing registrations of approximately one hundred Latinas each month.

Submission Guidelines:

-Publishers may submit a maximum of two (2) titles per imprint, not to exceed five (5) titles per publishing house. One of the submitted titles may be a children’s book. Books must be scheduled for publication after October 2012 or during 2013. We will accept five titles per publisher for the 2013 reading list.

-The authors should be Latina/o and the titles should be available in the English language. Availability in the Spanish language is a great advantage. This book club is Latina-centric but we also choose several books by Latinos.

-Authors whose titles are selected also must be available for interviews at the monthly teleconference. Las Comadres will work with publishers and authors to find the best date and month in which to feature respective selections.

-For the teleconference, we will need from each publisher 40 books to be given to discussion leaders and as gifts to some early registrants who sign up for the call.

Please email the following submission information to and mail a copy via post, with two (2) copies of galleys if available or sample chapter and a synopsis, to Attn: Becca Worthington, Association of American Publishers, 71 Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10003 by Wednesday, October 31, 2012. Please note that although the AAP will receive the submitted materials, it is not involved in the selection process. The Las Comadres organization is entirely responsible for the selection of the books to be included in the 2013 cycle.

• Title:

• Author:

• Publication date:

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• Retail Price:

• Summary (50 words or less):

• Please indicate if publisher will release book club discussion question (online/included in book):

If you have any questions regarding the book club or submission process, please email Nora Comstock at or Amanda Arizola at We look forward to expanding the success of this program with your help!

Mil gracias,
Amanda Arizola, MBA, MHSM
Project Manager
Las Comadres National Latino Book Club & Teleconference Series