Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poet Meeting Tonight

From Josie Mixon (sent last night):

Good Day My Fellow Poets and supporters of poetry!!!

It's hot......Do you think if we read poetry about rain it will rain? If so then somebody needs to stop reading poems about fire, heat and sun. Although since I have my writing lung back now it just might be me.

Tomorrow night (at Barnes and Noble Ingram Festival) we do not have a featured guest which is to the advantage of anyone who wants to sign up for five minutes. We will begin with our fabulous poetry workshop at 6:00pm with Jim Brandenburg followed by open mic at 7:00 with Josie Mixon (me). I will be there and I intend to keep open mic running until 8:30. You do not have to sign up for five minutes so come on over and share your beautiful voice with us. If our die hard poets want to continue until closing please feel free to do so just don't be surprised if our B&N Ingram hosts have you helping them to clean up.

For those of you who sometimes forget to bring your poetry to the poetry venue (huh ) don't forget!!!!

Please note that Voices De La Luna will soon be out with the next edition of our wonderful magazine. It would make a great Father's Day present for the poetry lover!!!

On a personal note I would like to add a special message to our friend Carolyn Sanchez who has been a bit on the downside lately due to health reasons. As many of you know and feel as I do we are a family who share an extraordinary talent which is the ability to communicate through poetry. We speak our minds and pour our hearts out and on this night I would like to dedicate open mic to Carolyn Sanchez. I have openly copied all of you so that Carolyn will have access to your email addresses and you to hers. Carolyn my dear friend, you have my heart. I love you and miss you very much. Kick that cancer in the ass asap and come on back to us! Keep on writing!

Josie Mixon
Jim Brandenburg